“Rape……Nahant Woman Attacked.” Got your attention……? GOOD! Hopefully this is a headline we’ll never actually see in news coverage of Nahant. However, in these increasingly violent times, even the women of a town like Nahant are at risk.

At home, out on a date, out shopping, even in a relationship. Now the good news; There is something you can do to help yourselves. The Nahant Police Department is now offering RAD courses. Rape Aggression Defense classes are designed specifically for women. RAD will help you raise your awareness, assess your risk, reduce your risk and even show you how to defend yourself in an attack.

The RAD course consists of four classes scheduled over a two week period. A certified RAD instructor teaches the course in a safe environment. For more information or to get on a list for upcoming classes please contact Officer Stephen Shultz at the Nahant Police Department (781) 581-1212 or by filling out the form below.