Emergency Management | emergencymanagement@nahant.org

Dennis Ball | Director of EMD

Mike Halley | Assistant Director
Carl Maccario | Assistant

Our Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, is the direction and control facility where government at any level can coordinate response and recovery activities during a major emergency or disaster in Nahant. The Nahant EOC is located at the Nahant Police Department at 198 Nahant Road. The Emergency Management Department is responsible for coordinating the readiness of the EOC and providing direct support in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Operations Center Activities Include:

  • Activation When A Disaster Occurs Or Is Imminent
  • Disaster Event Documentation
  • Information Management and Communications
  • Resource Management
  • Disaster Analysis
  • Decision Making
  • Response and Recovery Operations

Emergency Operations Center Staffing is Composed of Representative from the following Town Services:

  • Emergency Management Director
  • Town Administrator
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Chief of Police
  • Fire Chief /Chief of EMS
  • Superintendent of Public Works

This group of Town Officials are responsible for all major decisions and overall direction and control in the event of an emergency.

For more information, please visit the Emergency Management Department website.