Motorcycle Units hold a unique position within the Police Department. Police motorcycles have many functions including traffic enforcement, patrol duties, escorts, public relations and parades. Motorcycles are highly maneuverable and their high acceleration response capabilities make them excellent tools for traffic. One great is the ability to access areas a standard patrol car cannot go.



The ATV is used for patrolling the beaches during the summer months. The ATV unit is marked with the Nahant Police Insignia and is equipped to provide rapid responses to emergency situations. The ATV is a valuable asset not only during the summer months, but during the winter months, as it can provide aid during snow storms. Specialized in-house training is required prior to any officer operating the ATV.


The ambulance style Hummer (Humvee) was acquired through the Federal Government by the Department of Defense under the 1033 Program at no cost to the town in June 2019. The vehicle   This unit allows for Police and Emergency services to evacuate residents, and travel through high water during storm events causing high waters, and/or heavy snow.


The bicycles are used during summer months, or during outdoor events, such as the Nahant Town’s 4th of July. These enhance the ability to navigate crowded areas in a swift and safe manner. The bicycles provide more “face-to-face” contact with the general public.