The Nahant Police Department is a modern, progressive, innovative department and committed to the Philosophy Of Community Policing.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement the following information is provided so that you may have a better understanding on how to become a Nahant Police Officer.

Reserve Officer:

In order to be considered for appointment as a Reserve Police Officer you must have attended and graduated from a Municipal Police Training Committee Academy basic course for reserve police officers. The ideal candidates will also possess E911 dispatcher training and First Responder or EMT certification and hold a valid Massachusetts drivers license. If you lack the Municipal Police Training Committee Academy basic course for reserve police officers, the Nahant Police Department will consider sponsoring Nahant Residents to allow them to attend the academy.  This will be the case whether or not there are posted openings.   Other qualifications that will be considered will be E911 certification and any other advanced certifications. In order to be sponsored the candidate must be interviewed by the Chief, furnish three references and be able to pass a comprehensive background check. A sponsored candidate must be responsible for his/her own training academy expenses as well a sign a waiver of liability releasing the Town Of Nahant from any and all claims as a result of injury or accident related to academy attendance.

Please submit resume` and a cover letter to, Chief Timothy M. Furlong, Nahant Police Department, 198 Nahant Rd., Nahant, MA 01908-1298.   No telephone calls please.

Full Time Officer:

Must take and successfully pass a competitive examination. The examination is held once every three years and the passing candidates remain eligible for appointment during that period. The ideal candidate for full time employment shall have completed a Municipal Police Training Committee Full Time Academy. Equivalent academies from other states will be considered if they are approved by the Committee. The ideal candidate shall also be E911 certified and EMT/D certified and hold a valid Massachusetts drivers license. The candidate must furnish three references preferably from the law enforcement field and must undergo a comprehensive background check. Notice of examination date will be posted at as well as being published in the local newspapers.

Timothy M. Furlong
Chief Of Police